Hope Alive Church of Chelsea, MI

Thanks for visiting our Website 

We appreciate your time & interest.  If you want to visit, we are located at 337 Wilkinson St., in Chelsea.  Our Sunday morning worship service is at 10:30 a.m.  

To contact us by phone or email, you can do so at (734)709-0862 and/or at pastorcup@gmail.com.

Hope Alive is a community church in transition. A dificult decade resulted in a steady loss of people. Given our circumstances, many churches would have closed. We didn't & don't intend to.

We believe God redeems, heals, & restores.  We will be a Christ-centered church that grows in faith, hope, and love.


What is Alpha ? 


Alpha is a 12-week course exploring Life's meaning and the pertinence of the Christian faith.  

It does so within an open & safe environment.  


Alpha invovles a meal, talk, & small group discussion. The next course begins on Tuesday,

February 28 with a "Check-It-Out" Dinner.  Anyone is welcome!


Please go our Church Ministries Links to find out more about Alpha. 





Our Church is part of the larger Christian fellowship of the Assemblies of God.  There are links below and on other pages that provides information about the Assemblies of God. 

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